Outdoor Kitchen Furniture

134For many years, outdoor cooking has remained an American passion. They just love cooking outdoors! What changed are the now high-end outdoor kitchen amenities such as refrigerators, space heaters, high-tech gas-fueled grills, and stylish furniture.

Nowadays, you should not find it surprising if outdoor kitchens have become one of the favorite segments in the industry of home improvement. Thus, it is hardly debatable that an outdoor kitchen adds to a home’s functionality, value and pleasure for homeowners.

How does one build a practical outdoor kitchen? This article has five simple steps for you:

1. Plan

Like any other endeavor, creating an outdoor kitchen needs critical planning regarding two elements:

a. Location

Normally, outdoor kitchen are built adjacent to the inside kitchen or off the rear of the house. An outdoor kitchen should have a pleasing location and have an easy access to the interior of the house.

For example, you can build an outdoor kitchen on a pre-existing patio or deck and build a combination kitchen patio and/or kitchen deck.

Another thing, you should consider the frequency and nature of usage, that is if for entertainment and/or for recreation, of outdoor kitchen so that the whole layout will make all areas accessible and functional.

Imagination and appropriate layout are the only limits to this element.

b. Budget

Of course, budget accommodation is another crucial element in the planning process. You have to consider that even a modest set-up, which consists of a kitchen island and a pro quality grill, will need an estimate cost of 5,000 dollars.

A helpful tip then is to gradually build your outdoor kitchen. You can spend 7,000 dollars to buy chairs and tables and a grill for this year and then spend the same amount for deck lighting, patio heaters, and refrigerators for next year. It takes long before you finish your dream outdoor kitchen but you can be sure that the project will be higher in quality.

In other words, you should figure out how you can best afford a quality outdoor kitchen before getting so excited.

2. The Grill

Every modern outdoor kitchen should have a grill. Normally, a grill uses natural or propane gas. The things that make a grill different from the other are size, budget, and features. Depending on the configuration of the kitchen, you can choose a portable grill on wheels or a grill that is mounted permanently.

Also, you need to pay close attention to the following features:

a. total cooking surface

The more square inches the cooking surface has, the merrier you will be. In this case, you have enough space to grill your favorite poultry, meat, vegetables and/or fish.

b. quantity and size of size burners

If you have more and bigger side burners, you can accommodate large meals. You can also consider the presence of a rotisserie or a warming rack.

c. size of storage space

It is more advantageous if you have plenty of storage beneath your grill. Also, you have to check if your grill provides you with enough room to work around and cook. Ideally, there should be at least three feet of space on each side of the grill.

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets Style Ideas

133Bamboo kitchen cabinets have been a priority for most of the customers over the past few years. However, since there is a gigantic variety in terms of size, color, design, style etc when it comes to bamboo kitchen cabinets, you may end up being baffled while choosing one which is going to be suitable for your kitchen and will go perfectly well with the rest of the kitchen appliances.

Moreover, you must also take a good look at your budget as well before determining the requirements that you need such cabinets to fulfill. To put it simply, there are a number of things, which are to be taken under consideration before choosing the bamboo kitchen cabinets style ideas. While mentioning all of such things may be beyond the scope of this article, a few of the conspicuous things to be considered may include and are not confined to the following.


The money that you are willing to spend on your bamboo kitchen cabinets style idea is probably the first and the foremost thing that has to be taken under consideration. It should be kept in mind at all times that since such cabinets have been gaining popularity lately, they are going to cost a considerable amount of money. However, thanks to different qualities that you’d be able to find in the market, you can make sure that you are able to find a design or style that is suitable for your kitchen without having to step out of your budget either.


Once you have decided the price that you are willing to afford for the luxury of bamboo kitchen cabinets, the next of your idea must include the style that will go well with the rest of your kitchen appliances or furniture.

The good news is that since such cabinets have a huge variety to offer, it is highly unlikely that you would not be able to find something that meets most if not all of your requirements in terms of style and design. It may take a while, but at the end of the day you’d certainly be able to find a perfect combination of style and affordability while looking for bamboo kitchen cabinets style ideas.

Environment Friendly:

It is indispensable to mention here that bamboo is an environment friendly plant that has the capacity to regrow its shoots and be ready to harvest in a remarkably shorter time as compared to that of ordinary hardwood. It should go without saying that the faster growth rate is going to play its vital role towards reducing the price of bamboo kitchen cabinets as much as possible.

Such a nature of the said material does also enable it to absorb water without getting damaged in any way. It is sufficiently resistant against other chemicals as well which is a direct implication of the reduced repairs costs. The efficient regrowth of bamboo does also ensure that you are not hurting the eco system in any way while you are using it for lumber.

In the light of the above mentioned information, it is only fair to conclude that if you are planning to renovate your kitchen and are looking for bamboo kitchen cabinets style ideas, the aforementioned things must be taken into consideration in order to make sure that you are able to end up with a product that is not only built up to your specifications, but does also enable you to be within your defined budget. With such benefits at your disposal, there is no point in ignoring the bamboo kitchen cabinets style ideas while renovating your home kitchen.

Give Your Home A Fabulous Face-Lift With New Kitchen Cabinets

132The kitchen is the center for cooking or long talks over drinks, and kitchen cabinets are the first things people lay eyes on.

Although it can take up nearly half of a remodeling budget, updating kitchen cupboards will ensure that the most popular room in your home looks good and stays functional.

Here are some reasons why cabinet renovations should top the home improvements list.

Constant Wear and Tear

Kitchen cabinets get a lot of use throughout their lifetimes. From fishing out ingredients for a meal to grabbing an extra snack for the party, these lockers are opened and closed frequently, accelerating wear and tear. Even the sturdiest materials can buckle under heavy use. Eventually, the doors will begin to malfunction and become harder to close and open. Before reaching this point, homeowners should replace and upgrade to newer models. Specialists know that price is the biggest concern for homeowners and therefore tend to offer financing, making replacement easy on the wallet. Not only will it add to the convenience of the room, but it will also save money and time on constantly repairing the older ones.

Give Your Home a Value Bump

If selling one’s home is a future possibility, restoring or replacing kitchen cabinets is a must. Renovated and modern cookhouses are at the top of the list for factors regarding home pricing. Since cabinets are such an important part of the kitchen, it is important to create a proper aesthetic by choosing the correct style for the area. Home improvement specialists can help homeowners choose the correct model of lockers that will yield the highest value for the kitchen, getting one the best price for his or her home.

Show off Your Space!

Everybody wants a beautiful home. To maintain a pleasing aesthetic, one must continuously clean and update the abode. Kitchens are one of the most frequently visited rooms in the house. Cabinets are the face of the area, and since they take up so much space, they must serve as the thread that brings the space together under a common aesthetic. Working with a home specialist will not only ensure the greatest deal but will also guarantee finding the best choice for your home’s most important room.

Renovating the home takes a lot of time and decision-making. There are many different types of wood and styles to consider when updating one’s kitchen cabinets. It can also is a pricey endeavor. From financing to consultation, a galley specialist will help one find an affordable style that works. Working with a home specialist will help even the inexperienced homeowner create a professional and stylish look with the correct cupboards for his or her home.

Choosing The Right Small Kitchen Furniture

131Choosing small kitchen furniture can become an easy task if a few things are kept in mind. Before you go out and purchase the items you need, give the following topics some thought.

Of course, you must consider the amount of space you have to work with. Whether you are trying to seat the family or add pieces that allow for more storage, remember to keep things in proportion. When it comes to items like storage pantries always remember to go up rather than out. Tall slim pieces will effectively give your kitchen the storage it needs without taking up a lot of floor or wall space.

Having small children can pose a problem. Seating them on stools is inviting disaster even if they have backs. Children need to be kept close to the floor where getting in and out of a seat is easy for them to do. Look for benches or even booth style seating to keep them comfortable and out of harm’s way.

The number of people in your family will bring up two separate considerations. Seating them for a meal needs to be considered as does freedom of movement around the room. If you happen to be living alone these matters won’t come into play, but you may want to consider friends and family that come to visit.

The kitchen, regardless of size, is one of the most common meeting places for family members. Being able to gather when spaces are cramped will cause some problems to arise but it can be done. There are a number of ways to maximize storage and keep the small kitchen uncluttered.

Trompe l’oeil is a French term that means fooling the eye, and that is exactly what must be done in small kitchen. Only the most used small appliance should be left on the counter and even many of those can be mounted below an upper cabinet. Wall storage goes a long way in making your small space seem larger. Wall racks and shelving are just two easy ways for placement of pots and pans leaving cabinet space open for other things. Look for units that you can hang above the stove or the sink. These are excellent for giving things like spices and some cleaning materials a permanent home.

Tables come in a myriad of shapes, and styles. Round and drop leaf tables both can comfortably seat more people than a standard square one. Look to designs that allow for seating that can be whisked away under the table when their use is not called for. Small pantries are narrow but tall and designed to maximize storage. There are also units that you can purchase that can be installed inside cupboard doors. Investing in a small island will not only give more storage but add to minimal counter space and give you more room for meal preparation.

This next suggestion has little to do with small kitchen furniture but it is well worth mentioning. Keep colors light both in furniture and in wall paint. Nothing can make a small space look smaller than dark colors. Open the room up as much as you can using light and pleasing color schemes and add just a few hints of color here and there.

Rustic Kitchen Tables As Home Furniture

rustic kitchen island nz rustic kitchens with islands on metaiv kitchen island rustic - Kitchen Idea

Rustic kitchen tables are tables formed from various types of wood with rough and aged surfaces with simple designs. They are not highly polished, but are practical and hardwearing, and can take hard knocks without spoiling the finish, since there is no finish as such.

In bygone days when people lived in log cabins, there were no butcherblock kitchen islands, and most of the food preparation was carried out on the table. The rustic table was frequently the chopping board, preparation area and eating surface, all combined. It was not expected to be a piece of fine furniture, but a functional part of the kitchen that could be scraped and knocked during normal use.

General rustic d├ęcor is simple and straightforward with few frills, using natural materials and rough finishes. It is, however, very endearing, probably because it plays on our sentiments for the old days of pioneering and the log cabin. It is coarse, unfinished, but comfortable, and certain elements of the old country style are incorporated in some modern day kitchens. The rustic table is one of them, with old wooden Windsor spindle chairs or ladderback chairs.

Rustic tables are generally of rectangular shape, with a thick unpolished top. The chairs can be hand painted with motifs such as flowers or birds, and the rustic theme can be applied to the rest of the kitchen if desired. Stone tiled floors, lots of ceramics and baskets, and the occasional old oil lamp can set off a large rustic table very well. However, many of the newer ‘rustic’ style tables are provided with a polished top that has to be maintained.

The material of construction in the early days of the American settlers was what was growing around at the time. Hickory, maple, pine, spruce – all were used for the traditional rustic table and the same is true today. Pine, however, is the most popular choice, and also tends to be a lot less expensive than hardwood. Walnut is sometime used, and some of the grain effects obtainable from this wood are very attractive. Also very expensive!

Rustic tables, therefore, are available in many types of wood, and the reason that pine is the most popular is likely due to cost and its ease of working. It is easier to form pine into the shapes require than it is to work hardwoods, and it is hard to beat a good lodge pole pine kitchen table with root ball legs and claw feet. You get them with drawers and breadboards, and they can be finished with a hardwearing varnish to prevent undue damage in use

They tend not to be used as the main chopping and food preparation surface as in bygone days, although there is still no reason why they can not be. Most people, however, use custom kitchen furniture and working areas for these tasks. In fact, just about all of them! The likely reason for that is the cost, as new ‘rustic’ tables can be expensive, particularly hardwood tables, and nobody wants to start chopping and cutting on their expensive new table. I don’t blame them! Wood is becoming an expensive material worldwide at the moment, and it can sometime be difficult for many to find a good rustic table at an affordable price.

Nevertheless, many people still prefer to have their tables made to order to their own design. Many outlets provide this service, although it can be quite expensive. In fact, you really have three options. You can have a rustic table made to your specifications, you can purchase a new table either online or from one of the many stores that retail them, or you can buy an old rustic table either from antiques shops or online. You can use online furniture stores to make your selection of genuine country style rustic tables to view when you visit the showrooms.

You will also get chairs to go with them, but there is no shortage of reasonable priced chairs that go well with wooden tables. There are plenty of spindle and ladderback chairs available both online and offline. You could also use one of the more modern styles of kitchen table chair to provide a contrast between the old and the new.

Whatever choice you decide to make, rustic kitchen tables look good in a rustic setting, but even if your kitchen is not of a rustic design they are functional, traditional and hardwearing. You will never regret your decision in purchasing what will likely become a family heirloom.